Here it is, the fifth edition of the festival of contemporary circus “CirkoБalkana“, which will have the honor to host international artists and pedagogues, under its own roof – the CirkoБalkan tent.

The project/festival aim from the very beginning was the purchase of a circus tent that will be used as a nomadic performing space, a space for creation as well as a school for all artists from the region dealing with circus art. After five years our goal is fulfilled and we can freely say that with a lot of enthusiasm, self-organization and the help of friends and enthusiasts in the circus, the Tent is finally placed on its pillars, and from the festival of CirkoBalkana will be put into its proper function.

BELGRADE – 11.09 to 17.09.2017

This year’s festival is dedicated primarily to performers and pedagogues from the region, as well as numerous performers from all over the world. Apart from “Futuro Animal” (E/SW/I/ FR), “The Ceremony” (FR/ARG), “Work in Progres (RS)”, “Object in the subject crosses the # spine” , The indispensable circular “Haos cabarea” for all generations and gears for children “Captain Šeflja and Petra panj” (HR), two professional workshops of contortionism and manipulation of objects will be held. This year’s festival will also address issues of the areas where circus artists  work in the region through a public tribune. The European circus platform “Circus Next” will also be presented, one of the vital platforms for the development of a modern circus in Europe, which in various ways supports and encourages unassailable, innovative circus creations.

The opening ceremony will be hosted by the show  “Maks Metalik” performance “Flame Garden” (RS), which combines puppetry and fire manipulation.

The festival takes place in cooperation with the Ciglana Heavy Industries Club and the Cultural Center Magacin, supported by the French Institute in Belgrade and the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia.